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    For the fake of you

    2017/3 5min05sec


    The hair style called twin tail is very attractive to me.
    Why is this hairstyle infiltrated into the world so popular?
    Through something like a curse of twin tails,
    I showed a muddy feeling lying falsely.


    2016/8 15min16sec


    This is a daily animation describes everyday life of “I”.

    I drew the original comic few years ago.

    I had concerned for my family when I had drawn the story.
    The animation was born while I was decomposing the healing story.


    The work only consists of elements.
    I also only consist of elements.


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    2015/10 3min


    General scenes which exist in everywhere are the theme of the animation work.

    The inception was the feelings of “to control” and “to be controlled” in everyday life.
    I searched the impulse to control my work, where has it come from?
    This is the reason that I engaged Path tool for the animation and Mask function of AfterEffects for the mask animation.
    These manipulations worked automatically in PC to generate motions between scenes, equally it create uncontrollable part by myself.


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    2015/7 4min13sec


    This is an experimental work that I constructed an animation from preliminary doodles on my accumulated note books.

    The preliminary doodles were an role of entrance, I focused on noises which have been occurring in my activities in every single day.

    The resolution was edited to be 4K.
    And I engaged scenes of 640 x 480 resolution, too.
    Then I was conscious of the generated noises by images resolution inevitably.
    Normally, the noises are the part of elements it should be removed for the finished work.
    But I groped for some kind of creative boundaries for the elements.


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    2014/11 5min43sec


    There may be a hidden thing in ordinary everyday life.
    Back of a window, behind a curtain.


    I expressed otherness in my lived life and an obsessional atmosphere with indefinable elements on the video work.I used a habit of scratching my arm with bare nails, and curtains to output the feelings figuratively.
    I combined static scenes and active scenes to reflect the difference between when I can control myself and when I can not, the perceptive reaction and alienation, the unstable touch.


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    2014/6 5min33sec


    An experimental artwork. The animation focuses on our life that is involved in flood of oversupply.

    The main theme is “violence on everyday life”.

    Females sexual use for a media and related circumstances are the connotation.

    Magazines, TV, Internet, females bodies are selling by the piece.
    Nowadays, people used to watch it, and we have no incongruity for it.


    Is it Okay?


    I expressed the suggestion from my question, a discomfort what my conscious is compulsorily remade with erosion,
    and the distorted situation of the real world where the information has gone, on this artwork.


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    2013/3 5min5sec


    A world where all living things are going extinct. There are only two men and women anymore.
    Animals are struggling to breed on a daily basis for the survival of species, but the last man of man is ED (erectile dysfunction).

    An allegorical work depicting the ending of humanity in erotic and comedic.


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    2014/10 1min



    I used the material of the picture taken in the past and the material tracing the image.

    An experimental video work that attempted to visually reproduce the feel of trying to remember emotions and

    memories at that time by showing the live-action part and the hand-drawn part alternately.


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    2014/8 35sec


    A work that visualized the dreams of others as animation.


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  • Ouchi Rieko

    Born 1990 in Hokkaido, Japan
    The primary style(discipline) of video work has been animation.


    The common thread in the works are individuality, obsession and maladjustment in everyday life, and destruction.
    The stories of negative things and intensity have been digested.
    And the works reconstruct it in the process.

    There are also animation works by doodles.


    mail : rieko780@gmail.com

  • Exhibition&Prize


    FAIRLY NORTH-Contemporary from Japan and Scandinavia Northern Arts Collaboration in Rovaniemi(Finland)


    EWAAC 2014(London)

    20th Campus Genius Award(Japan)





    Tokyo Anime Award Festival(Japan)

    Image Forlum Festival 2015(Japan)


    Chohu 18th Short Film Competition(Japan) GP



    IMAGINE~Art Film Makers~(Japan)

    Coolness Animation Night(Japan)


    Japan meets Tricky Women 2016(Japan)

    21th Campus Genius Award(Japan)

    Image Forlum Festival 2015(Japan) GP

    New Chitose Airport Int'l Animation Festival(Japan)

    ISCA2016(Japan) Award for Excellence

    Kyoto International Student Film and Video Festival(Japan)Jury Prize


    Eco Expanded City(Poland)

    Syros International Film Festival(Greece)

    Vancouver International Film Festival 2016(Canada)



    VIDEO PARTY x EZO FILM 2017(Japan)

    VIDEO PARTY 2017 (Japan)


    Japan Media Arts Festival(Japan) Jury's recommendation

    Image Forlum Young Perspective 2017(Japan)


    International Film Festival Rotterdam(Holland)

    XEN presents: Corpus Digitalis(Germany)


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